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SANSA charter flights


Sports Equipment




1. General Information

You can check sports equipment as an extra piece of baggage (in addition to your baggage allowance)‚ it may be subject to oversize and/or overweight charges‚
as well as subject to space availability.

It is allowed to carry one item per passenger with a charge of $30 USD per way plus tax.

The allowed equipment is the following:

1. Fishing: 1 rod‚ 1 pair of boots and 1 net

2. Golf: 1 bag with up to 14 clubs (up to 62 inches)‚ 1 pair of golf shoes‚ 12 balls (all secured inside the bag). Golf clubs may only be transported as checked baggage.

3. Diving: 1 air regulator‚ 2 rubber fins‚ 1 unloaded conventional harpoon‚ 1 mask‚ 1 rubber suit‚ and 1 weight belt. May only be transported as checked baggage.

4. Archery: 1 bow and arrows‚ packed in a suitcase designed for that purpose. May only be transported as checked baggage.

5. Ski: 1 pair of skis‚ 2 poles‚ boots and shoes. May only be transported as checked baggage.

6. Bicycles: 1 bicycle is accepted in a case with the following measurements: 107cm high x 107cm wide and 60cm deep.
Subject to availability of weight and space. Tires must be deflated for transport.

2. Surfboards


6.7 ft maximum length


Subject to availability for the total amount of the flight


Surfboard charge is $30 per way.


Surfboards are not part of the baggage allowance and are subject to space on the plane.

Helpful tips when packing your surfboards

 1. Clothing or other items are not allowed inside the package.

 2. Damaged packages or those that do not withstand handling are not accepted.

 3. Damaged boards are not accepted.

 4. We recommend transporting the boards in individual cases for better protection.

 5. Fins must be removed

You cannot transport as part of your baggage:

 1. Windsurf boards

 2. Kayaks

 3. Scuba tanks

3. Recommendations

1. Carry all valuables (money‚ jewelry‚ electronics‚ etc.) in your hand luggage.

2. Identify your luggage with the free tags provided at our counter at the airport. Include your name‚ address‚ and telephone number where
we can reach you if necessary.

3. Avoid charges for overweight or oversize bags by complying with the established limitations.

4. File any claim for damage to your baggage before leaving the airport. SANSA is not responsible for minor damages (scratches‚ wheels‚ etc.) caused by
the normal handling of luggage or by excess weight in it.

5. Do not transport perishable food.

6. When claiming your luggage‚ do it by the tag number and not just by its appearance.

7. Do not transport sharp objects such as knives‚ scissors or tweezers as they will be confiscated by airport security.

8. It is not allowed to fly with any type of weapon‚ flammable liquids‚ corrosives‚ explosives or aerosols.

9. Airport security does not allow you to enter the waiting room with containers containing any liquid with more than 100ml.

10. Sansa recommends the use of a mask on all our flights.