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SANSA Destinations - Puerto Limon Costa Rica




SANSA offers daily flights from San José‚ Costa Rica (SJO) to Limon.

Limon is located in the province by the same name‚ at a distance of 163 kilometers east of San Jose‚
on the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

Limon is the ultimate destination of a rich culture‚ with a population predominantly of African descent
and ethnicity‚ important features of Costa Rican indigenous culture‚ Afro-Caribbean‚ white and Chinese‚
giving to Limón its own style and the cultural diversity.

Puerto Moin‚ is listed as one of the major ports nationwide linking the country with Europe‚ African trade
and the eastern United States.

Visitors are drawn to this region of Costa Rica to enjoy the 336 kilometers of white sandy beaches‚ palm trees
and lush national parks.

It is the area of access to Puerto Viejo‚ Cahuita‚ Manzanillo‚ Puerto Vargas‚ among other areas of
high tourist visitation.

If you are in search of an eco-tourism destination‚ Limon is definitely the place. On the beaches and
national parks‚ visitors can enjoy hiking‚ canoeing‚ swimming‚ surfing‚ watching magnificent and
colorful birds and even visit the indigenous towns where the inhabitants still enjoy a traditional lifestyle.

Also you can visit the Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge‚ Cahuita National Park and
Gandoca- Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge; some of these parks even offer their own hospitality options.

Fligths from San José to Limon are non stop and the flight time is just 40 minutes.

Depending on the season SANSA AIRLINES may have up to 3 daily flights from San José to Limon.