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SANSA Destinations - Nosara Costa Rica

NOSARA (NOB) - Costa Rica



SANSA offers daily flights from San José‚ Costa Rica (SJO) to Nosara.

Nosara also known as Boca del Nosara or Bocas de Nosara‚ is located in the North Pacific‚ has beautiful
beaches‚ Nosara‚ Guiones and Pelada‚ in addition to Playa Samara and Playa Carrillo‚ destinations that
can be easily reached since they are few minutes from the Nosara airport.

Playa Nosara and Guiones are special for surfing‚ it has numerous specialized schools. Playa Pelada‚ due
to its rocky formation‚ when the tide goes out‚ allows you to observe a great variety of life forms:
snails‚ starfish‚ octopuses‚ multicolored fish‚ among others.

Near Nosara is Playa Ostional‚ famous worldwide for the number of turtles that come to lay their eggs‚
especially the Olive Ridley sea turtle and the Hawksbill turtle.

This beautiful destination has a wide variety of activities: Surf and Yoga as its main activities‚ however
you can also do sport fishing‚ turtle watching‚ horseback riding‚ kayaking‚ bird watching and canopy.

Fligths from San José to Nosara are non stop and the flight time is just 45 minutes.

Depending on the season SANSA AIRLINES my have up to 4 daily flights from San José to Nosara.