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SANSA Destinations - Drake Bay Costa Rica

DRAKE BAY (DRK) - Costa Rica


Drake Bay is one of the most exotic and rich destinations that the country has in flora and fauna‚
ideal for ecotourism and for those who want to disconnect from their daily lives‚ have a moment
of tranquility and share with the biodiversity of this place.

It is a gateway to the Corcovado National Park‚ one of the largest parks in the country where many
species are preserved‚ and also gives access to Caño Island and the Sierpe River.

Drake Bay was discovered by Sir Francis Drake in 1579 during his globe voyage.

One of its main attractions is the sighting of whales and dolphins in large numbers and its trails inside
the tropical forest‚ which turns your trip into an adventure and a very special experience.

It has hotels recognized worldwide for their commitment to the environment‚ which makes it very appealing
to environmentalists and scientists.