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SANSA Destinations - Destination change from Tambor to Cobano in Costa Rica

Tambor (TMU) - Costa Rica


SANSA offers daily flights from San José‚ Costa Rica (SJO) to Tambor.

Tambor is a small town located in the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula‚ it is the gateway to reach
virgin beaches as remote as Montezuma‚ Santa Teresa‚ Cobano and Mal Pais. In this destination is the
Cabo Blanco and Curú Biological Reserve‚ it is the access to Tortuga Island and San Lucas.

These beaches are exotic‚ with crystal clear waters and white sands‚ they are paradisiacal destinations
where you can do all kinds of activities‚ from yoga‚ outdoor activities‚ adventure sports and extreme sports.

The best alternative to get to Tambor is by air to avoid having to cross the gulf by sea.

It has a wide range of hotels and restaurants and its beaches are its main attraction.

Fligths from San José to Tambor are non stop and the flight time is just 30 minutes.

Depending on the season SANSA AIRLINES my have up to 8 daily flights from San José to Tambor.